What to do during the season?

We know that there may be different reasons for your stay, be it leisure, work, or even some event.

Regardless of the case, we realize that guests feel the need to know the best service options in the region where they are staying, after all, they do not know the region completely and there are always new options.

For this purpose, Seazone has assembled a Seazone guest guide, with the best establishments according to the category of each service.

The guide is divided by region where we operate, that is, you will know:

- What to do in Florianópolis

- Things to do in Jurere

What to do in Florianópolis

Florianópolis is the capital of the state of Santa Catarina, and is known by the affectionate nickname "Ilha da Magia".

There are more than 42 beaches around the island, with their different characteristics.

Seazone offers vacation rental properties in all regions, and for that reason we divide the services according to their location.

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Guide: What to do in Jurere

Jurerê é uma das praias mais famosas do Brasil, e é reconhecida por atender todos os públicos, desde famílias, com as águas tranquilas da praia, até jovens, com os famosos beach clubs de Jurerê.

Jurerê é dividida em Jurerê Internacional e Jurerê Tradicional, c ada uma com ofertas diferentes de serviço. Neste guia você saberá os melhores: restaurantes, baladas, padarias, serviços de facilidade e saúde e bem estar.

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What to do in Florianópolis Center

Florianópolis Center is where most of the nightlife takes place.

It is where we have public services, in all spheres, municipal, state and federal, and with that most of the commerce and services on the island.

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